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Get easy access to a conveyancing lawyer in Brisbane City, QLD. We'll steer you clear of the snags when you're purchasing or selling, keeping the process straightforward and stress-free. You can count on us to deliver an affordable service that won't hit you with hidden charges—our prices are fixed fees and are set in stone. Whether you need a contract review before signing or assistance from conveyance to settlement, we've got you covered.

Our conveyancing services are fully digital, eliminating the need for paper and minimising postal communication. Everything is handled through email and phone, saving you from taking time off work. Sign your documents effortlessly with e-signing technology, and communicate with us conveniently via phone, tablet, or computer without the need for in-person meetings.


Receive an instant, free conveyancing quote for Brisbane right in your email. Find out your conveyancing expenses in less than 30 seconds.

Get a complete breakdown of your conveyancing costs, including all the fees for paperwork, council, and body corporate, with zero hidden charges to catch you off guard.


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Our fixed fee conveyancing packages are all-inclusive and thoroughly detailed for your peace of mind. If you have a special circumstance, please email us at for a custom quote.
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Get a Conveyancing Lawyer to check your agreement and provide legal guidance before you go ahead with the contract. This is ideal if you're planning to bid or sell at an auction this weekend!
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Our all-in-one conveyancing package nails down your property dealings with a straightforward price tag, dodging any sneaky extra charges. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with no hidden fees and an all-inclusive, transparent pricing model.
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Rely on us to manage your property transfer smoothly and at an affordable cost, giving you the assurance you need. Avoid surprises with hidden costs. We help with the legal side of family changes, like when parents give property to their kids, during divorces or separations, and after someone passes away.



Meet LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane, your reliable guide in property dealings, with over 12 years of specialised experience in the Brisbane and QLD real estate sectors. With a seasoned crew that's been crushing it in Real Estate Services Law for over 12 years, we make conveyancing seem like a breeze. We smooth out the bumps in your property dealings, so everything runs like clockwork. We know Brisbane's real estate scene inside out, and our commitment to top-notch service has made us a go-to ally for homebuyers and investors alike. Conveniently situated at Suite 5, Level 18/324 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, we are ready to assist you.

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We employ qualified Conveyancing Lawyers and Solicitors who hold the responsibility of realising a successful settlement.

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Your needs take precedence. We have a duty of care to look after your best interests, give you our full attention, and fostering loyalty.

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We have rigorous checklists and triple check systems to make sure your matter & QLD transaction is a safe one.


Lead Legal Services Pty Ltd 
Lawyer Spotlight


Senior Lawyer

Kristy, dubbed the "Queensland Queen," shines with her in-depth knowledge of Queensland's conveyancing scene. Kristy not only leads our Queensland team but also embodies the very spirit of dynamic conveyancing leadership.

Kristy's sharp conveyancing skills are the result of her dynamic experience at top-tier firms, handling a hefty caseload with finesse. Kristy holds a Bachelor of Justice with a major in Criminology and a Bachelor of Laws. Similar to how police officers collect intelligence to prevent criminal activities, Kristy excels in spotting potential issues in contracts and foreseeing challenges that may arise in conveyancing transactions.

Kristy completed her Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Bachelor of Justice (Majoring in Critical Criminology) at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She obtained her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP) at College of Law.

Read more about Kristy

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are purchasing a property under a Body Corporate scheme, it is critical for you to organise a full search of the Body Corporate Records. We can organise this on your behalf. . The report will detail the information found on an inspection of the Body Corporate records for the last 5 years and will assist you in ascertaining the status quo of the Body Corporate. The report usually comes with an executive summary for your ease of reference. The Body Corporate Manager is required to keep records of its accounts, minutes of meetings, correspondence and other records as necessary in order to properly manage the property. These documents can be searched and perused upon request if you need to. The full Body Corporate Records search will disclose financial matters such as general levies and special levies (if applicable) relating to the property. It may also identify whether there are any major concerns and maintenance issues affecting the building. The report can also show if certain owners are constantly making requests of the Body Corporate so you know who you will be sharing the Body Corporate with.When purchasing an apartment, the purchaser automatically becomes a member of the Body Corporate and as such he/she will inherent and be responsible for any issue relating to the common property. Therefore, it is imperative for any prospective purchaser to obtain a full search of the Body Corporate Records prior to proceeding with the purchase of a Body Corporate property.
When you purchase a residential property in QLD, usually you have a five-business day cooling off period after you or your solicitor receive the fully signed contract. The cooling-off period expires at 5pm on the fifth business day after the period starts. Usually, purchasers will utilise this period to make searches and investigations in relation to the property that they have not had a chance to do before signing and do not have other rights in relation to in the contract. Particularly, buyers may do visual inspections of the property, organise flood searches or obtain pre-approval for finance if they have not already.. We recommend that whenever possible, it would be preferable if these due diligence tasks are completed prior to entering into the contract. If you require an extended cooling off period, you may request a longer cooling off period and if the seller agrees the condition may be extended. It is generally preferable to instead negotiate to insert a Special Condition in the contract or extend other conditions in the contract so that if you choose to terminate you will not need to pay a penalty.. In any event, if you are unable to finalise your investigations within the cooling-off period under the contract, please ensure that you instruct us at the earliest so we may seek an extension on cooling off for you, prior to its expiration.
If you wish to exercise your cooling-off rights and withdraw from the contract, please ensure that you instruct your property lawyer to serve the notice onto the vendor’s representative prior to the due date. Otherwise, you will be deemed to proceed with the purchase of the property. If you exercise your right to cool off, you will be required to forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price from any deposit that has been paid.
A Final Approval Certificate is a document issued by the local Council relating to existing works to a building and is issued once the building has had its final inspection by council. A building records search can be obtained to confirm of all improvements on the property have received council approval and make sure the property is not going to be subject to action by the council.

If a property has had improvements that have not received council approval then council can require changes to the property in the future and issue notices to complete works for those changes. If you do not comply with those notices significant penalties may be charged to you by council and failure to pay those charges could result in the council rectifying the issues and selling the property to recoup the costs.

In general, you may make enquiries with Council and apply for a Building Records search at liberty. Some councils may require you to have the seller's approval or a signed contract first if you are not already the owner of the property. Under the standard terms of the standard contracts you will not have rights if a property is not Council approved should you find this out after settlement. If you want to have rights to get out of the contract for a property not being council approved then you should make sure a special condition is inserted in the contract to provide you with these rights. We can assist you with drafting a condition if you so wish.

Where a contract provides that you are purchasing the property “as is” you will not have any rights in relation to Council approvals on the property after you sign the contract and will be accepting any issues as is. Should you be required to sign an “as is” contract you should make sure to conduct this search either prior to the expiry of the cooling off period or before you sign the contract to prevent being locked into the contract with a non-approved building..

In any event, if you have concerns as to whether any work conducted at the property is illegal, we highly recommend that you undertake a building records search prior to proceeding with the purchase.
Deposit under a contract can be up to a maximum of10% of the price in most cases. However, this can be varied when the parties negotiate and agree on a reduced amount, which can range from any amount from $0 to the full 10%. Quite commonly deposits will be for amounts of $5,000.00 or $10,000.00.

Deposits can be paid in two parts usually referred to as the initial deposit and balance deposit. An initial deposit is generally payable when you sign the contract however you can change this to another date if the seller agrees. The balance deposit will usually be payable 48 hours after finance satisfaction, 14 days from the contract date or any other date the seller and buyer deem appropriate. It is important that you make sure you pay the deposit when it is due and ensure that you have sufficient ability with your financial institution to make that date as determined by the contract. Failing to pay a deposit on time will put you in breach of the contract and give the seller rights to terminate the contract, claim damages from you and claim the full deposit amount.
Conveyancing is the process of transferring real property between people. This could be done as a purchase, sale or transfer without a Contract.
We recommend you see a lawyer before you sign the Contract. That way you can be advised of what the Contract will mean for you during the conveyance, what special conditions you should insert in the Contract, and anything you should do before you sign the Contract.
Some Property Law Firms will allow you to complete a majority of your paperwork for the conveyance online. There will be some forms for the Office of State Revenue or Land Titles Registry that you will still need to complete in hardcopy. In some cases however it may be possible to complete all your paperwork online if you are also completing settlement by an electronic settlement platform.

If you are purchasing a building as part of your transaction then you should seriously consider obtaining a building and pest inspection. You will use a licenced building inspector for the inspection and the inspector will tell you if there are costly issues with the property that you may want to have the seller rectify before settlement.

No. Your conveyancer, lawyer or their agent will attend settlement on your behalf.

An electronic settlement uses a program, such as PEXA or Sympli, to transfer money and lodge transfer documents at settlement. It makes the process much smoother with transfer documents being lodged and funds being transferred immediately after settlement.

A paper settlement requires paper transfer documents to be provided at settlement and exchanged for physical cheques. Your bank, lawyer and the other parties representatives will attend settlement in person where a paper settlement is required. Transfer documents will be lodged with the titles registry and cheques will be banked in the days after settlement.

When you satisfy a condition it means that you no longer need the contract to be subject to that condition, that you are relinquishing all your rights under that condition, and that you are satisfied that the purpose of the condition has been completed.

It is recommended that you conduct a pre-settlement inspection of the property, even if the property is vacant land. This is because if something changes with the property, or its condition, and you still proceed to settlement then you will have to accept the property in that condition once settlement occurs. Settlement will lock you in to owning the property, so it is always important to make sure you undertake all investigations you need before settlement.

Depending on how the Law Firm quotes their fees you may find the following costs have not been included:

  • Search costs for rates, water and body corporate searches
  • Settlement costs
  • Verification of Identity costs
  • Additional costs if certain circumstances happen on your file such as condition extensions, file termination and changes to the contract.

In many cases these additional fees will be detailed in the client costs agreement. Make sure to always ask what is included, and what fees apply for the above matters if they have not been included in the quote.

Lawyers will always order a title search on the property if you are purchasing or selling property. The purchaser will also need to order other searches so adjustments can be calculated at settlement such as the rates, water, land tax and body corporate searches. If these searches are not ordered by the purchaser then they may end up having to pay the sellers portion of these costs after settlement. A plan search is also ordered by the purchaser to make sure the lot they are purchasing is in the location they have inspected it at.

As Brisbane is a very populous city which is always growing it would be best to order a Transport and Main Roads Search when purchasing in Brisbane. This search will tell you if there are any plans for the Department of Transport and Main Roads to resume any part of the property and build roads or rail through it. You should also consider obtaining a Flood Search for low lying property to see if the property has a history of flooding and a Building Records Search for built on properties to make sure they are council approved.

A priority notice prevents dealings other than those required to register your interest in the property from being registered on title before settlement. This will protect your interest in the property and make sure you can receive title to the property after settlement.

Like all other insurance, title insurance protects you from matters you cannot foresee affecting you after settlement. In most conveyancing transactions unless you spend a lot of money on searches and investigations you will not find out everything about the property. Title insurance will protect you from any unnecessary costs in the future that may impact your use and enjoyment of the property for less than the cost of the searches and investigations should you choose to undertake them.

Each Law Firm is different however most will take a part payment of your fee once a file is created then take the rest of the fees at settlement.
The term ‘unconditional' is used to say that your contract is no longer subject to finance, building and pest or other ‘subject to the purchaser's satisfaction' clauses.
Settlement adjustments adjust for rates, water, body corporate and other costs on the property to make sure the purchaser and seller pay only what is fairly theirs at settlement. You will also find price reductions, bank cheque fees and other costs will also be included in the settlement adjustments.

Firstly, you should speak to your finance broker or lawyer to confirm what ‘First Home Owner' grants and concessions are available to you.

Secondly, make sure you get a valuation of the property you are intending to buy from the Real Estate Agent so you understand what the property is truly worth.

Thirdly, if you need finance to purchase then apply for ‘pre-approval' and see if you are likely to be able to get the funds to purchase the property.

Finally, once you have picked a property then book in for a Contract Review with a lawyer so they can advise you on what should go into the Contract and how best to protect your rights.

Yes, you can. In Australia, you can freely own property anywhere in Australia regardless of what State you are living in for whatever purpose as long as you are an Australian Citizen or Resident.

It is possible to do your own cheap conveyancing but strongly not recommended. The law changes constantly and your requirements and obligations under the Contract also change. It is always best to take the stress out of conveyancing by hiring a lawyer to assist you with your conveyance as it will mean you will not be put at risk if you do not know what to do during any part of the conveyance.

There is more work required on a purchaser file then there is a seller. For example, the purchaser must draw up transfer documents, complete a stamp duty transaction and conduct searches. All of which is not required on a seller file.
The cooling off period allows a purchaser to terminate the contract for any reason whatsoever. This is to prevent purchasers from buying a property they cannot fund or that is not suitable for them because they signed a contract on a whim. The seller will be able to claim 0.25% of the purchase price from the buyer if they choose to terminate under this period.
Transfer duty, otherwise known as stamp duty, is a tax charged by the Office of State Revenue on all properties that are brought in Queensland. Transfer duty rates will vary depending on the purchase price and why you are purchasing the property.
The Titles Registry charge a fee in order to process the change of the title into the purchasers name. This fee will be payable on any transaction by the purchaser at settlement and is known as the Titles Registry Lodgement Fee. These fees will vary depending on the purchase price of the property.


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We are pleased to welcome Alex as our new Lawyer.
Jennifer Taylor

Kristy and Kristine were so helpful with our purchase, making it seamless with no problems. Kristy and Kristine were able to answer all of our queries and resolve any issues in a timely manner. Very efficient. Highly recommend this firm for all of your conveyancing needs. Also Ray who was our initial contact, they all went over and above our expectations. Very reasonable pricing for conveyancing and a fantastic service, thank you all :)

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Why LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane?

When you buy or sell a property, conveyancing is the process you need to transfer the title ownership from one person to another. To get this done, you have three (3) options.

  • You can D-I-Y.
  • You can get the services of a conveyancer. OR,
  • You can hire a professional property lawyer or solicitor.

In most cases, properties involved are in the six-figure range which means it’s a huge investment for an individual. Yes, you can do it yourself but do you have the time to dedicate to the process? Do you also have the expertise to ensure you won’t be missing deadlines and requirements and end up paying sums of money in penalties? On the other hand, you can hire a cheap conveyancer. But do take note that they only have the license to perform the process but not as a legal representation. Your best option is the third one – a property lawyer. Property lawyers specifically specialise in (from the word itself) – properties. They can review and draft contracts and you can be sure you are legally covered. At the end of the day, it’s your 6-figure investment that’s on the line.

LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane is our dedicated team for Brisbane and Queensland properties. They have the professional license to act on your behalf as the Buyer or the Seller and can protect your interest even if the situation gets complicated. Most regular conveyancers cannot go that far. They can only perform the process and that’s it. When things go bad, you’ll want to have a property lawyer by your side.

Our Brisbane Conveyancing Services

Not all law firms and lawyers are the same.

Some big law firms have family lawyers, litigation lawyers, etc. This is why you’ll be surprised that when you get a quote from them, it will be around the 25-hundred dollar mark. Most lawyers also charge by the hour or depending on how many times you spend on a call with them.

So when you need a lawyer to do conveyancing, find a property lawyer. Property lawyers can go beyond just processing your title transfer. They can provide advice on the contract, draw up a contract, and amend to provide proper wording on your documents. Just like your trusted utility provider, you want to have a go-to firm for all your needs.

At LEAD, our services vary and we represent our clients depending on the following scenarios:

  • Buying a property.
  • Selling a property.
  • Performing a Title Transfer

When you’re buying a property, we make sure we protect your interest as the Buyer and scrutinise the documents to uncover any risk on your part. When you’re the Seller, we structure your contract in such a way that we tilt the documents in your favour. When you need a straightforward title transfer, we will represent both parties. Our team of property lawyers are ready to take on these jobs and you’re sure to get professional legal assistance throughout the process at a fixed fee. It is our customers’ conveyancing experience that we are after. We make sure we get the job done properly and clearly.

How we provide Cheap Conveyancing in Brisbane

Imagine you need some electrical work done in your small 200 square metre property. Will you get an electrician? Or an electrical engineer?

Exactly. You wouldn’t want to hire someone overqualified because that will be overkill and will cost you too much. On the other hand, you don’t want to get someone who just knows how to do the job just to get the cheapest price out there. You would want someone with a fair and reasonable price but at the same time can deliver quality work and has the license and expertise to get the job done. Ideally, reputable lawyers specialising in property law are what you should be looking for.

LEAD Conveyancing is just that. We can provide our services at surprisingly competitive prices because we formed our team by getting only the talent that we need. We mainly focus on property law and only cater to residential properties. That way, we can focus and specialise. Zoom in on a specific skill and be the best in it!

Why do you need Conveyancing Solicitors in Brisbane?

With the technology of today and the number of online resources available, you might think that you can do the conveyancing yourself. Although that is technically doable, it is not advisable as it comes with many potential pitfalls you need to watch out for.

With that, you are left with the questions – Do I get a best conveyancer? Why do I need a conveyancing solicitor? What’s the difference?

Yes, it’s true – property solicitors are usually more expensive than conveyancers. It can be a difference of about a couple hundred dollars. That is because they are qualified and licensed property lawyers and they can offer a full range of legal services. Conveyancers are also specialised in property but can’t deal with legal issues. When there are issues in the documents related (but not limited) to boundaries, clauses, special conditions, and sometimes fraud issues, you don’t want to get stuck with just a conveyancer. If the situation will require and force you to get an added service of a property lawyer, you’ll end up spending so much more than what you should have in the first place.

To put it simply, when you get a conveyancing solicitor, you are making yourself (and your property) covered in all aspects including legal situations.

In simpler words, you are buying peace of mind.

About Brisbane City

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and is also Australia’s popular tourist destination.

It currently has a growing reputation as a global investment destination supported by a sophisticated modern economy, cultural diversity, and world-class industry capabilities.

Brisbane is sunny almost all year round and has some of the best weather in Australia. While summer can have a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius on most days, winter will rarely go below 20 degrees. Spring and autumn will have you enjoy mild warm days that are pretty much perfect for anyone. Like most of Australia, Brisbane embraces multiculturalism and there are great opportunities for education and employment in a wide range of industries. The cost of living in Brisbane is not cheap just like in other capital cities. However, it’s still nothing compared to Australia’s two biggest cities – conveyancing Melbourne and Sydney.

Buying a Property in Brisbane

If you are planning to buy in Brisbane, Brisbane offers a huge and diverse market for every property investor. If you are considering an investment property in one of Australia’s capital cities, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider Brisbane. On property investment, due to Construction Lawyers Brisbane, it has historically displayed strong population growth and economic performance that has driven attractive returns for most property investors. Properties in the city have also achieved excellent long-term capital growth over the past few decades. As with property rental return, Brisbane property continues to manifest strong rental yields, despite plummeting interest rates. Investment property yields in Brisbane have maintained a consistent one point higher percentage over Sydney and Melbourne. Also, a good to know information is the average house price in Brisbane. The median property value in this city is around the $500,000 figure based on Australian Property Prices 2020.

Although Brisbane is regarded as the 4th most expensive capital city in Australia, there are still suburbs in Brisbane where you can get a median house price under $450,000. Ellen Grove, which is Brisbane’s cheapest suburb, can let you buy a house and will only set you back less than $300,000. The suburb is approximately 20 kilometres south-west of the CBD. The northernmost suburb of Brisbane is Bald Hills, and their median price is $442,500. The closest suburb to Brisbane on the list is Rocklea. It is just 9 kilometres from the CBD and their median house price is only $405,000. If you are looking for the most affordable units, Bracken Ridge and Gordon Park, both have medians of $320,000 and they are on top of the list for units. Coming in not too far behind them are Fortitude Valley and Clayfield with median prices of $331,000 and $347,000 respectively. For property software you can see more in the top pages here.

Property Selling in Brisbane

What about selling? The best time to sell in Brisbane is in spring. Real estate agents use great timing when selling a property as it can influence the decision of a property owner. Several factors come into play – the ability of a seller to secure a great price for their property or to attract multiple interested parties to submit an offer. Those can hinge on the time of the year they choose to sell and spring is widely regarded as the perfect time of the year. Spring in Brisbane has this energising and attractive “look and feel”. When the gardens start to look colourful, the flowers start to bloom, and the weather just hovers around 24 degrees Celsius, this attracts buyers onto the streets and into open houses. On the opposite, Brisbane summer has close to 100% humidity and 30+ degrees Celsius, so people won’t brave the searing hot sun during this time of the year. There are also less public holidays during spring in Brisbane. When people pack up and head out of town for a long weekend, the result is fewer open homes and even fewer buyer property inspections. If buyers aren’t showing up for open homes, the longer it will take for the property to sell. Brisbane winter is also not too bad since winter in this suburb is considered mild. The decline of active buyers in Brisbane is not as much as that of the cooler parts of Australia. There is also a slight decline of sellers during this time of the year for Brisbane. This means there’s a decrease in the competition which can be good for you as a seller. Pricing may be determined by property management software Australia & real estate software.

When doing conveyancing, there are a few government bodies involved in the process. For one, the cost for your Searches will depend on which council the property is under. Hence, a Brisbane property will acquire search costs based on the Brisbane City Council rates. The other two government institutions are the Queensland State Revenue Office and Titles Office. These will cover all cities of Queensland though and will be the organisations in charge of stamp duty (also known as transfer duty) and title registry respectively.

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